Protect your rights when charged with a Felony Offense

Even minor mistakes can lead to serious charges.  Many people do not know you can lose your civil rights (including your right to own firearms, to travel, to vote) without ever being told.  I represent people in all their felony charges, whether it be drug charges, assault, bad checks, etc.  You need an experienced attorney to defend your rights.  Call today for a free consultation.

Drug Crimes

Many people in Minnesota get charged with drug possession and other drug crimes.  Often times, you can keep these convictions off your record by agreement or through a diversion program.  Felony level drug possession or sale will result in the loss of your rights, including gun rights, as well as possible forfeiture of your money and vehicle.

I advise most clients to look into drug treatment as soon as possible.  See our links below.

Sex Crimes

(Criminal Sexual Conduct)

Perhaps the most contentious cases, next to domestic assault, are sex based crimes.  These can include all levels of Criminal Sexual Conduct such as sexual assault, unwanted touching, or other lewd sexual conduct; but also possession of child pornography and other internet based crimes. Almost all of these offenses carry strong penalties as well as registration as a predatory (sex) offender.  These cases require careful analysis and a delicate touch as the consequences of conviction are great.

Theft Crimes

These types of crimes cover a wide spectrum from actual theft,  to receiving stolen property, to burglary, to issuing a dishonored check and forgery.  Oftentimes even if you think you do not have a case, you can reach a resolution without a serious conviction.  It is important to speak with a lawyer before going to court.  Some cases can be resolved without appearing in court.

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